Sample Test Papers For CAT Exam 2009!

Published: 16th September 2009
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Since the time the news about online CAT has been aired, there have been mixed reactions amongest the tests takers and training organizations. With regard to the test preparation, some people feel that with CAT going online their test taking strategy will not change at all. Others, however, fear that out of the 30 actual CAT slots theirs can be one which would have the most difficult and lengthy questions.

TCYonline Will Provide You Some Sample Test for CAT 2009. With These Samples Helps you to Crack the CAT Exam.

CAT Test Patterns

The CAT test is conducted generally during the months of November- December. It is comparatively less predictable than other management entrance tests as its pattern/ number of questions keeps changing every year. The number of questions, however, is spread across 4 sections namely,

• Quantitative Ability (QA)

• Data Interpretation (DI) and Logical Reasoning (LR)

• Reading Comprehension (RC)

• Verbal Ability (VA)

So what should be the strategy?

The Answer Is: Online Practice! Online Practice! Online Practice!

TCYonline Will Provide You Online Test Papers, Sample Papers, CAT Exam Tips, CAT Mock Test........

Tips and Strategies

CAT is an entrance examination for over 80 institutes offering MBA programs. Almost all the top B schools including the six IIMs consider the CAT scores for granting admission in their MBA programs. Needless to say, cracking the CAT takes rigorous preparation and consistent hard work. Given below are some of the tips which might help you in getting admission to the MBA School of your choice.

• CAT being an application driven test, regular practice with complete focus is the key to clearing the test

• As the curriculum for the CAT is limited, it is essential for you to cover the entire curriculum leaving nothing

• After you have completed most of the course, start giving mock CAT test. Higher the number of test that you take, higher would be your learning curve

• Thoroughly analyse the result of the mock CAT test for identifying your strong and weak areas. Now follow a structured and organised approach to turn your weak points into your strength

• It is a good idea to spend an hour or so in trying to find out what you could have done better in the mock CAT test. Remember, one of the key reasons of giving mock CAT test is to learn from your mistakes

• Help from teachers, joining a coaching institute, study of the fundamental concepts and solving solved and unsolved questions would help you in gaining command over the concepts that you find difficult

• Build mathematical proficiency. You should thoroughly work on the math problems of 10th and 11th standard

• Follow the 3 times principle. Solve every question 3 times; first time would be the attempt, second would be a solution and finally for the purpose of revision. The 3 times principle would help you in understanding the concept better

• You should know what to leave for later during the exam. Solve the questions which you think you can answer correctly. Leave complex questions for later. Remember time management is the key!

• Also in the first attempt, answer only those questions which would take less than a minute. Long and difficult questions should be reserved for later. Mark such questions and solve them after completing the simpler and less time consuming answers.

With the pace CAT aspirants are enrolling every day for the online courses; websites like expects to enroll more than 1.5 lakh students. While preparation and test results are absolutely free, students can pay as less as INR 365 for unlimited annual usage of the some special technical features. Moreover, such an approach towards online training requires first the trainers to be trained on the ways of helping a CAT aspirant to use analytics to their best advantage. For instance, the classroom trainers of TCY are certified on these Analytics if students want to take advantage of instructor led training. That's highly scientific as only certified trainers can train them & not merely subject experts.

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